Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter Writings: Final

Today, this long journey through winter is over. A season that I have often both dreaded and loved has passed again and I am filled with anticipation for the coming year. Although the year began officially on January 1st, for me it begins with the advent of Spring. Today I put the darkness and sorrow behind me and begin a new journey in life. I'm not sure where this year will take me, but I have made my first step forward down this new road and am eager to explore new landscapes, filled with adventures and possibilities.

Thanks to all of you who followed my writings from solstice to equinox, through the cold and muted colors of the season, the cozy warmth of home and the stark beauty of winter landscapes. I have enjoyed your company on my journey. Thank you for your kind comments and words of support. Your companionship was appreciated more than you know.

I will continue to write from the heart, as well as post my art and hope you will continue to visit with me along the way. I'll keep a cup of hot tea and the fire ready for you. Namaste.

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Michele said...

It lifts the heart to know that it really is SPRING. I understand how you feel. The older I get the more I dread the dark months, and the minute the days start to lengthen, I feel renewal---and hope.

We are funny creatures, aren't we?