Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spring is Coming At Last

Hooray!! For the last week I have listened to the increasing variety of bird songs in the trees around my house. Chickadees and robins are busy staking out their territories and today I heard a red-wing blackbird calling, always a harbinger of spring. This has been a hard winter for me with so many gray days and I could use some sun in my bones. I so look forward to the longer days when I can move my walks from the treadmill to the trails. On February 1st I dutifully sent in my request for another permit to climb Mt. Whitney - I am hoping that I will finally get an overnight pass so I can make it to the top this time. I purchased a multi-day backpack at REI today, both for Whitney as well as my goal to hike around the circumference of Mt. Hood. I am determined to keep up my level of fitness and not regain any of the weight I've lost. It's been eighteen months now - I've never managed to maintain my healthy lifestyle this long before and I want it to be a lifelong habit. I look forward to heading for the beach soon to pick up shells and pebbles for my class in May and wish you all a Happy Spring to come.