Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Writings: Day 89

I know there are many folks who don't have much use for a Canada goose, other than to put one on the table for a feast, but for years I have loved this bird. The harbinger of fall and spring, the haunting sounds of the flock on the move in their ever-changing "V" formations can still send shivers through me...even though, chances are, one of them left a gift on my freshly washed windshield.

Watching a flock hunt and peck for food in a field of ground fog and brown stubble never fails to tempt me to stop and take a few photos or do a quick sketch. And I make sure I visit the wildlife refuge when the babies are due to hatch and watch mom and dad parade them through the watery reeds.

But I love them best when I see them like this...the female hovering over her eggs...the male hovering nearby protecting the nest and his mate...both miserable in the cold rain and but not flinching from their duties...both inseparable until death. It is inspiring that a bird can do what many humans cannot. Remain commited for life. We could learn from them I think.

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