Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Soldered Treasure Box Pendant

Maybe it's a leftover from childhood and the anticipation of tearing open a boxed present, but I love boxes. So when casting around for ideas for a new soldered jewelry class, my mind immediately turned to a treasure box. What better way to showcase a small treasure or two than to wear it around your neck...or hang it on display. I used one of my Wade tea china poodle figurines and built this box around it. On the bottom, there is a glass pebble with the image of a small dog and the words loyal and faithful. Where each side meets is a length of small Swarovski crystals in a brass chain soldered to the glass. On top, a piece of Vintage brass filagree. In the chain is a soldered charm and two crystals. This would be a hard project if you've never soldered before, but I use a few tricks to make it work. I'll be teaching this class on April 23, 2011 at Collage.

The bracelet below is the class sample for the Jewelry Basics class I am teaching at Collage on April 9, 2011. During class I will show how to make your won clasps from wire, how to drill holes in rocks and shells (1 and 7), how to make charms from mica and transparencies (2), How to hang a vertical bead (3), how to etch a copper charm (4), how to use a jeweler's saw and rivets (5), and how to use wire wrapping to hang an object as a charm (6). I'll also demo several other jewelry techinques such as antiquing, filing , finishing metal, and more. Go to the Collage website for class details and how to sign up!


lindacreates said...

Love the necklace Jan! You do soldering my kind of way! Jim is doing better, still tired and weaning off of the feeding tube. I think it is going to be a long process. We go for a checkup in April.

Jen Crossley said...

Love your necklace Jan awesome.

Paula McNamee said...

Jan, your classes look great. I like the soldered box pendant. Boxes fascinate me, too. Hope all is well with you.

Robin Olsen said...

I like both of these pieces and they each have such a distinct feel. The little box is charming.