Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Writings: Day 8

Grey light dances
Through the blinds
Velvet hues tease with promises
of new adventures
I turn away and snuggle
deeper in my nest
reluctant to leave
the comfort of my cocoon
and the wild dark dreams
of midnight.
A warm moist nose
explores my face.
The sacred feline voice
speaks of tempting treats
left hidden out of reach...
Wake up and serve me, she says.
The voice of the goddess has spoken
My day begins


Unknown said...

Your cat has a warm nose? My dog's nose is like an ice cube - especially at 5 am!!!

CarolCot said...

I love your writing and photos Jan. You should consider making a book out of these postings. I'd personally love to buy it.
Hope you are doing ok.