Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Writings: Day 7

Someday, I think,
As I scurry about
Fulfilling each obligation
Meeting each deadline
Marching in perfect formation
As all good soldiers do.

Someday, I think
As I pay my bills
and follow directions
and live by the rules.
Making sure the neighbors don't think
or I appear in mismatched socks.

Someday, I think
when I get some time
I will take a chance
And dance with the fairies
in the dewdrop grass
and live my cupcake dreams.



Anonymous said...

Each day I read your blog and have enjoyed it so much. Your words and photos are beautiful and meaningful to me. Thank you for your effort to tell your stories and share. Many good wishes for the coming year ahead and peace to you.

artymarty said...

Love this poem Jan. It strikes a very big chord with me. Might have to ponder a little more


ME TOO Jan...I'll come and dance the dance of the fairies captured fairy necklace swinging in the breeze, my unco-ordinated steps strngly Ok here.