Saturday, December 25, 2010

Winter Writings: Day 4

Today, I rewarded myself for making it through another Christmas production season. All commissions are delivered. No other deadlines to meet. I decided to visit an antique store in a neighboring town and take a drive through the winter landscape.

But the traffic was horrible. People were rude. And I began to regret going out into the world when I could have nestled at home and watched the little juncos race the squirrels for seats at the bird feeders in the backyard. As the day went on, I felt a degree of sadness that the Christmas spirit of old seemed to be so lacking on this Christmas eve.

I drove out into the countryside to clear my mind and found a place off the road surrounded by trees to park. I closed my eyes and breathed deep of air redolent with the fragrance of pines and firs. I heard the birds sing and and the wind weave its music through the trees. The snow on the nearby hills filled my eyes with a wonderland of fresh, fallen snow. And I felt the tension and stress drain from my soul. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and found peace within that moment, the only moment in which I can be truly alive.

And I feel the East wind blowing cold...feel the heavy, grey clouds, pregnant with rain pressing down like a blanket covering the brown landscape. I smell the wood smoke of a hundred chimneys rise around me...and in the growing dusk, the lights of Christmas twinkling in the yards I pass...I see the children's faces alive with anticipation in the passing cars...hear the timeworn seasonal music everywhere in the air. And at a traffic light, I see a man jump out of his car to help a stranger push his suddenly inoperable SUV through the intersection. As the bring the car to a stop across the way, the men shake hands, say thanks and go on with their individual lives. And in that one generous act, I see Christmas come alive again for me.

May you all have a very merry Christmas, the happiest of times and the best of memories to cherish for years to come.

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Lucy said...

Merry Christmas to you Jan in the cold & snowy USA!
Our Christmas day has nearly ended after a lovely lunch with my daughter, 3 grand daughters & one very special great grand daughter!
Lovely warm day with seafood, chicken etc cooked on the BBQ!
Hoping you have a lovely day & wishing you a special 2011.
Hugs Lucy from Oz.
PS: one year I would love to experience a white Christmas! Will probably never happen, have only seen snow twice in my looooong life!LOLOL!