Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Writings; Day 1

and so it begins...90 days of musings....poetry and prose...let me write to you of nature and life and paint pictures with words of moments in time...cherished and remembered...never to come again...words to touch the soul....

December 21:

Solstice day...I lit a candle and burnt sage and begged that I not be visited by such a year as 2010 again. Too much death. Too many disappointments. Life altering changes that have changed the path of my life forever.

But as I cry out for mercy, I catch a glimmer of light. Good memories hiding behind the doom and gloom cloak of catastrophe and drama. And I realize I have not lost everything; in fact, what I have lost is the comfortable cloak I wore as I passed through life unchallenged. Whose warmth and cozy fit left me complacent and maintaining a status quo that left my dreams unfulfilled.

I find that rather than cursed, I have been blessed with a multitude of gifts. Good friends that have gathered round and supported me through troubled times. How I treasure you all!! The loss of travel funds that prevents me from travelling to teach at retreats giving way to an opportunity to teach locally that allows me to teach art to folks of variend income levels who are as excited to learn about art as I am to teach. Demotions that have ravaged my ability to support myself giving way to a new energy and committment to become a self-sustainging artist and stepping up to the plate of opportunity to embrace new challenges.

And I realize that what I have viewed as tragedy is just that other door opening, filled with opportunity and adventure...all I have to do is end the pity party and begin to live the dream. How exciting is that?

A line of gulls perch at the roof peak
Cast iron gargoyles frowning at the rain
Cloaking the street in dark, mysterious gloom.
Black crow umbrellas streak through the night
Seeking shelter from the storm
Wet feathers leaving small wakes in sidewalk puddles.
Only the streetlamp speaks of sanctuary
and the warm heart of home.

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