Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting waxy

Taught a wonderful encaustic class on Saturday to a group of talented ladies from all parts of the Pacific Northwest. On the hottest day of the year so far, we fired up the griddles, skillets and heat guns and began playing with lucious-smelling beeswax.

We worked diligently, despite the heat, inspired by the creative studio at Collage. Nine of us gathered together in this cozy space to make art and getting to know one another. The synergy of shared ideas is always amazing.

And such beautiful art we created!! The finished works belied the simple ingredients...a bit of collage and found objects, a little bit of oil stick and colored wax...and of course, the beautiful surfaces created with foil, gold leaf and transfers...I just can't get enough of this wax! I was so impressed with the finished works. Thank you all for coming!

At the end of the day we go our separate ways and I reluctantly gather up the tools and supplies. Time to pack it all carefully in a suitcase or stop, Australia!!!

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Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for sharing the work of the students - always fun to see the artistic variety.