Friday, August 12, 2011

A Change in Pace

There comes a time in everyone's life where the focus and pace begins to move in a different direction and speed. One day you wake up and the world has changed, the air carries the fragrance of change and the pallette you've used to paint your hope and dreams suddenly contains very different colors. No matter how hard you try to hold on to the life you loved, change will prevail.

And as much as I long for my old life, I am also drawn to the challenge of change. When your life is irrevokably changed, how do you close the door behind you and find a new path? How do you successfully balance the passions of your life with the more mundane needs to work and keep a roof over your head, and still have time to sleep? On some days it's incredibly hard...and on other days impossible. And yet the challenge draws me forward.

Tonight, as I walked by the beautiful Lacamas Lake, I was filled with gratitude for the evening that unfolded before me. The lake was calm and full of yellow blooming lily pads that supported a chorus of frogs. The full moon smiled through a tangerine blue sky while a rowboat gently rocked in the water. My soul was filled with peace... and I realized how many times I've been blessed by these moments that vanquish worry and sorrow and make me glad to be alive. It is in moments such as these that I have faith that no matter the circumstances, my feet will find the right path to journey into my tomorrows.

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