Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Writings: Day 33

Today is the day I wait for in every winter. Today I heard the bullfrogs sing, the first harbinger of spring. A warm, sunny day filled with sparkle and shine, for the rains have cleansed the earth and hung it out to dry. I walked along the lake and listened to a cacophony of bird song. Jays, chickadees, geese, bushtits and a lone hummingbird graced the air with a symphony of celebration to send winter back to it's dark den for another year. A few brave plants have already issued buds and the snow is gone from all but the mountains. Many others have joined me on the path; humans and dogs alike squint at the forgotten sun and the children run around in circles, excited to be outside without trying to run between raindrops to stay dry. And a lone retreiver jumps into the water to fetch a ball and make his way back to shore. Life begins again

Shy sun rays
peek out between
fat dumpling clouds
swimming in a bowl of blue sky.
Tendrils of light tickle my skin
as the heat warms the chill from my bones.
I laugh to be alive in this moment,
as I kick up my heels
to birds song music
in joyous celebration
Spring is coming at last.

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