Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Writings: Day 26

A river of fog slithered into the valley;
a thick white blanket of chill damp air
that swallowed the moon
and silenced the sounds of the night.
The air is alive with magic.
Phantom fairies dance
in the street light's muted glow
dressed in gowns of crystal mist
and wings of cellophane.
Trees wear an old man's green beard
festooned with silver glitter
to mask their winter naked branches,
shelter to a dozen sleeping birds.
Asleep in my bed,
my dreams swim in the river mist,
remembering our long walks
on a fog-shrouded pier;
our voices wrapped in whisper laughter
and the shared secrets of love...
back before our hearts
lost their way in the world.
And the memory of your sunshine smile
lights a slow fire in my heart
and keeps me warm
on this cold gray night.

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