Saturday, January 01, 2011

Winter Writings: Day 11

A brand new year, but for all the firecracker sparkle and big bang celebration at midnight, this day seems remarkably the same as the day before. The cats and dog seem nonplussed and the birds sing the same song as they did yesterday. Yet, as the clock chimed midnight, a neighbor went down the street telling everyone who would listen, "Happy New Year!! It's gonna be a great year!!"

I can feel that eternal hope in the air - I can taste the offer of better things to be. I see hope in each face I pass - that belief that against all odds, in spite of all that is wrong with the world and the horror stories sung by the scarecrow press - there is still, and always, hope. And hope can make all things possible.
Here's to a new year filled with hope. I, for one, would be content if the simple transition from one day to another could change my life for the better.

Happy New Year!!!

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