Thursday, May 26, 2011

Menucha and the Portland Art Collective

Twice a year the Portland Art Collective members gather for a weekend of laughter, friendship and making and sharing our art. Last weekend was our spring gathering at Menucha in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. From Friday night through Sunday morning, we shared our stories and our art, walked paths through spring blooms and old growth forest, walked the labyrinth in meditation and sang old TV theme songs in multiple off-keyed other words, we had so, so much fun.

Forget-me-nots graced the hillsides in full bloom. Plants and trees bloomed alike, despite our winter like spring.

A moss and fern laden bench peeks out of the greenery inviting passerbys to rest among the trees.

Each day we hurried to the dining hall for delicious meals when the dinner bell sounded. Luck Judy got to ring the old brass bell to summon us for our evening meal on Saturday...

The majority of our time we spent in the "Greenhouse", where we played with every manner of art. Lorraine and Laurie delighted us with a class in how to create a hidden Belgian binding (more on the book in my next post).

Dayna had this cool collection of fun mixed media pieces to play with and create fabulous art.

And Diane created paper and began cutting out her bird ornaments that were so popular at our show last December.

This is a fabulously talented group and I feel blessed to be a member. Is there anything better than sharing art with like-minded friends?


Dreamcicle Journeys said...

It was great to be with you. The book you made is gorgeous- Love the colors and patterns painted on the covers. Thanks for all of your photos, too.

Lenall Siebenaler said...

Wonderful photos Jan! I missed you all!

Carole said...

Oh how I do miss visiting Menucha. I'm not a calligrapher, but have a friend who is, so I used to attend the open Menucha sessions in the fall (no longer held). Seeing the greenhouse building brings back a lot of memories.