Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making a Dream Come True

Crystal Neubauer Encaustic

I once had a vision of becoming a full-time artist...throwing caution to the wind and giving my dream a chance to come true. I could see this future so clearly...establishing myself, building my reputation, moving forward according to plan...and then came the recession....and my dream was postponed, diminished and impossibly out of reach. I'm not saying I'm giving up...I can't do that...just that for the next few years, progress towards that dream is going to be like slogging through quicksand...impossibly slow. But having had my own dreams thwarted, I have become an ardent champion of others who are seeking to follow their dreams.

My fellow artist, Crystal Neubauer, has a chance to make her dreams come true. This amazingly talented artist from the Chicago area, has been accepted to participate in the ACE (American Craft Exposition) show. She needs only to raise the funds to pay for her booth fee. So until May, 20, 2011, she is taking 10% off the purchase price of her artwork on both her website and ETSY store, as well as providing free shipping.

So please visit her blog and read of her journey in becoming an artist. Please browse her website and ETSY shop and see her amazing encaustic work and give her a shot at realizing her dreams if you are able. If not, please send her words of encouragement and help a starving artist make good her dreams!

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