Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Writings: Day 65

A small tickle of a song begins with the tease of a light breeze finger-picking a hesitant tune on windchimes. Soon, the clackity-clack of the windmill joins in, keeping rhythm with the approaching storm. A sudden gust of wind trumpets a fanfare and whistles an opening bar through the eaves. Lightening heralds the opening notes of the storm's first movement, celebrating the drama of the developing tempest. As thunder sounds with clashing cymbals and the deep rumble of the kettledrums, the rain begins to sing a loud chorus on the roof. The downspout gurgles in bass while the woodwinds play sweet soprano in the tree branches. The weathervane swings from side to side conducting each member of the orchestra to weave harmony from chaos. The rich melody takes away your breath with the haunting bars of a winter storm. With a last crescendoing of sound, suddenly silence reigns...and the music fades to gentle rain as the storm recedes into the distance.

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