Thursday, February 03, 2011

Winter writings: Day 44

I love the beginning minutes of a class, when teacher and students warily size each other up and down. Cautiously exchanging names, reluctant in conversation, we begin to share our stories of how we came to this moment in time. We speak as if we are serving up small bits of our soul in a crystal dish, as brittle as ice, as fragile as heirloom china.

As the day moves forward, we begin to relax and more pieces of life break loose, peeling the brick and mortar of our tortoise shells away, as we let silly laughter and shared experience warm our hearts. We giggle at bad jokes, smile at secret triumphs and shake our heads in shared dismay, with exclamations of "can you imagine" and "you don't say." And we begin to draw closer as our lives intertwine in this shared experience.

And when it's time to go, we are forever sisters; connected at the hip of our souls. We exchange names and promises to get together again. And we each leave knowing that having shared this day, we will no longer walk alone in this world.


Jen Crossley said...

Oh Jan I only wish I could write like you .You had me shaking my head in agreement with your words.And a tear of sadness when we part ways ,but then I just remember Im one lucky girl to have met you in the first place through our love of art. Now we share two things A love of art and a friendship.

Eva said...

Jan ... I recognise that 'face' (ie: Luna Park) - was there again not so long back - had lunch with Pam. Sat in a restaurant and I just thought of you gazing across the road - we were on the street that had that Community Garden.

So - so looking forward to you coming back to the Land of Aus. We miss you - you are so much like us.

And do I have plans for you ... hang onto your hat 'Miss Daisy' - lol.

Eva :-)

purple bird art said...

Thank you both so much for your kind words. I can't wait to see both of you again in September/October. The best part of my time in Australia was getting to know you both and the gift of such extraordinary friendships such as yours and everyone who has kept in contact with me from the land down under!

Lucy said...

Dear Jan,
You write so beautifully, your words move me!
So looking forward to seeing you again in Oz!
Hugs Lucy