Friday, May 09, 2008


I woke up in Eureka, California, one of my favorite cities to shop. The downtown area is a collection of stores selling an eclectic mix of kitsch, art and antiques. The buildings are old and beautiful and Victorian mansions abound. There is a strong art community here as evidenced by the wide range of art available - from traditional to indy. I was able to visit one of my favorite bead stores, Talisman Beads, whose doors and furniture are painted wild and funky colors. And after buying a few beads (okay, a little more than a few), I went on down the street to the town square where you can buy food to feed the pigeons and browse the booths that are set up to sell. The sun was warm and a gentle breeze blew the clean smell of the ocean through town. I had breakfast at a bagel store that specialized in jalepeno bagels and jellies and ordered my first peanut butter and jelly bagel - I was just not ready for jalepenos and garlic that early in the morning! I headed back to the car and passed a store I had not seen on my last trip - the Nesting Place - the old pink and aqua refrigerators and bird ephemera pulled me inside. Lots of eye candy here - odd bits and pieces of old crochet and embroidered pieces competed with metal garden kitsch. I picked a few things to share with friends and was about to get in the car when the antique store next to my parking space caught my eye and I browsed it as well. They had a sizeable collection of antique glass bottles in all colors and sizes and I hope to return next year and purchase a few to use in my jewelry. But the hour was late and it was time to head for my final destination - Asilomar.

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