Monday, January 16, 2012

Australia Conclusion - Warrendyte, Sassafras and Saying Goodbye

Before I end my journey in Australia, I want to go back to a short jaunt through a delightful junky craft store that Eva took me to in the Melbourne area called Theo's Discount Craft. When we pulled up, it didn't look like much from the outside, but inside I thought I would never get back out with enough money to continue my trip. Every kind of craft you can think of. Some which I haven't seen in years. More than you can really look at in a day without losing your mind in the sheer amount of stuff inside this little warehouse.

Fabric, costumes, dolls, sewing, beads, jewelry, party supplies, lace collars, packaging, toys, novelties, kewpie dolls, the list went on and on.

So much fun. The graveyard cache for out of date crafts coupled with junk crafts, and in between some really good buys on supplies. We have nothing like that here.

The last few days I had left we stayed local. Twice we went to a very arty town, Warrendyte, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Here, by the Yarra River, I watched dogs fetch balls from the river for their owners, Loved this pair of retrievers. One went in the water to fetch the ball. The other remained on the shore and stole the ball from the other dogs mouth while he was climbing out of the water. I think it was a reluctant partnership of sorts.

After picking up some chocolate covered licorice, we visited this antique store. Loved the name, but the store had only small aisles through the merchandise and it quickly became claustrophobic inside.

We walked by several galleries and stores along the busy main street. Loved these wooden cockatoos.

This was my favorite store filled with handmade jewelry and fun eclectic stuff for the home.

Inside one store was an Australian flag backlit by lighting and I took this photo with Hipstamatic on my iPhone.

Still hard to wrap my head around the fact that it is spring here. But I am trying to soak all the sun in that I can, knowing that I am returning to icy weather soon.

I found this sanctuary behind an art gallery amid the eucalyptus trees and said a quiet prayer.

And one last trip to my favorite place of all, Sassafras, in the Dandenong Range, where we had lunch at Miss Marples again. One last look at Sassafras Wool Shop and Oracle, my favorite stores. Breathing in every site to remember well after I am gone.

A last tour of the garden areas and gift stores that we love. Trying to slow time down a put the inevitable departure at bay...

But in the end, I sadly got in the car with Eva and headed to the airport in Melbourne to board a plane back to the States. Thank you Eva (and family), Kathleen, Marg and Pat, Barb and Dennis, Gail, Bevlea and all the women in my classes for a wonderful time that will live long in my memory. But especially Eva who opened up her heart and home to me and gave so much of herself to make sure I had an opportunity to really see Victoria as few tourists are able. I hear from many of you still and hope to carry you all in my heart for the rest of my days.


Ro Bruhn said...

It's lovely to see the places I know so well through the eyes of a visitor. I regularly drop into Theo's and my sister lives in Eltham which is next door to Warrandyte, so I know those shops well too. The wool shop and Miss Marples in Sassafras are ten minutes from home.
All places we take for granted, maybe I'll look at them with new eyes next time I visit. Great photo of you and Eva too.

Eva said...

I had a great time Jan - you were easy (and delightful) company to have stay ... I enjoyed ever moment. This post is not 'Goodbye' it's just a brief interval till your next visit. There's still a lot more places we didn't manage go see!

Eva :-)

Bevlea said...

was lovely to catch up with you again and take your class Jan... hope you make it back here again :-)