Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Australia: Part 4 (Time to Teach)

On a sunny Saturday, Eva and I arrived at our classroom and met with the best lot of students I could have asked for. Joan, Eva, Christine, Maidi, Melissa, Deb, Lucy, Glenda and Bevelea. For the next two days we would explore the world of metal repousse, coptic journals and encaustic wax interrupted only by the fabulous lunches provided by Bevlea.

As we all began to settle into our classroom, we chatted and got to know each other.

Day one was a bookbinding class using a coptic stitch and adding a metal repousse inset complete using simple tools and pewter.

We drew the pattern on the pewter an began outlining our pattern.

Then we covered ourbookboard with decorative papers with a contrasting frame for the metal.

And when we were done, we all were in possessesion of a beautiful journal ready to be filled with art and musings. Aren't they gorgeous! Such a talented group of ladies!

Sweet Lucy looks happy.

Eva working on her project.

Loved Christine's apron.

Our second day was spent exploring encaustic wax and all it's possibilities.

Color, foil and gold leaf, transferes,casting, etching, stencils, stamps, collage and many more techniques were explored.

Maidi's masterpiece!


Talking about wax

Maidi and Glenda working on their pieces.

I love the palette when covered with color...and of course there is the added bonus of making monoprints from the leftovers.

Maidi and Melissa comparing notes.

Joan and her lovely piece

and everyone's favorite technique....the burning of shellac on the surface of a completed piece.

In just the blink of an eye, two days of creating art and making new friends was over. Thank you, everyone, for all the laughter and shared art and especially, the vocabulary lessons...I will never say soldering again without thinking of all of you :0)!! Thanks Bevlea for organising us and for allowing me to use some your photos in this post. And now on to Geelong, Apollo Bay, Warnambool and Port Fairy...


Lucy said...

Hey Jan, I really enjoyed your classes, even though I was not the best student!
Your approach to teaching is the best I have known, laid back, knowledgeable, inspirational etc. etc...
Thank you for 2 wonderful days of wax, repousse & the dreaded(in my eyes) of Coptic stitching!
Have to tell you that when I made my latest metal covered book I got the Coptic stitching right! Wonders will never cease!
Luv Lucy

Eva said...

A very productive two days and I enjoyed every moment of it.

You did a fabulous job of being an inspirational tutor. And ... oh how so knowledgeable and humble you are.

Eva :-)

Bevlea said...

fabulous classes.. you are a very talented and way too humble tutor... door is open anytime Jan!