Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day for the Birds

I spent the day Saturday wandering in the area of Vancouver Lake, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and watching the river, still at flood stage from all the snow melt. Where beaches once stood, there is about three feet of water and trees stand in several feet of water. But most of all, I was looking for birds. Any birds really, but the one I wanted to see most was the little Lazuli Bunting. I've been looking for this elusive bird for two years, hoping to get close enough for a photograph or two, but never any luck. And this day was no exception, at first. I found robins, goldfinches, osprey, crows, sparrows and others too far away to photograph, but as it grew late I gave up and turned towards home.

Then I heard the familiar sound of a text message and thinking it was my son asking me to bring something home from the grocery, I pulled off the road to read the message. And when I finished, I looked up and there on the fence, not 8 feet away was a Lazuli....and my camera was on the seat and at the ready. I manage three shots before he flew away. I didn't believe it until I got home and downloaded the photos. Isn't he beautiful? The color is almost turquoise in the sun. And here's a few more shots I took...


Blue Heron



Canadian Geese and gosslings

The vegetation was beautiful, just newly grown due to our late spring. See the small spider web on the grass?

And of course, the cottonwood down, that plays such havoc with my sinuses but looks so beautiful.

Look at the beautiful pattern the reeds and grasses make in the still water standing at the roadside.

Beautiful Mt. Hood - sleeping volcano...

And two shots of Mt. St. Helens that blew her top off 30 years ago and turned the sky as dark as midnight at noon in the east half of the state.

And I had to throw in this photo of a house along the trail I was walking. This kitten, undettered by her mother hiding on the porch railing trying to get a bit of peace and quiet, desided to climb the post to get lunch. The cat to the right was hissing at her for invading his space. Just another Sunday family day...


Lucy said...

Gorgeous photos Jan, and your weather looks wonderful.
Hugs Lucy

Carole said...

I came across some Canada Geese and their babies at an office complex a few weeks back. Since I take my camera absolutely everywhere these days, I pulled into a parking lot, climbed the grassy hill to the man made pond and snapped away.

Mt. St. Helens. I need to take a drive up there again. Haven't been there since the very first observatory opened (and it was free).