Saturday, October 09, 2010

Encaustic Jewelry

What an amazing class I had the privilege of taking at Art and Soul this year!!! The lovely Crystal Neubauer took a length of wire and added a bit of wax and collage to come up with some beautiful jewelry. Pins, pendants and more...absolutely beautiful! These pieces include some treasures I found at the beach a couple weeks ago and are combined with paper odds and ends I brought back from Australia. Crystal is a great instructor...she made this easy for everyone and we had no difficulty coming up with a finished piece or two or three by the end of the day. Can't wait to sit down and make some more....

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Crystal said...

Jan your pieces blew me away - the whole class was so creative it was a privilege to see how each person interpreted wax & wire. I'm getting set to post and would love to grab one of your pics, my photos were a little dreary.