Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Went to a Garden Party...

It's hard to believe that my friend, Cindi, and I have known each other for almost 15 years. Not even the 425 miles now between us has changed that. So when she emailed me and invited me to attend her art party, I knew nothing could keep me from attending. Cindi's a fabulous artist who creates Christmas greeting cards with her husband, Lee, geared for sale to construction industries and in her spare time, creates with paint and clay.

And what a conception....a party for artists....not just fine artists, but culinary artists and musicians and poets, as well!! A party where we displayed our passion for creating, shared our art with others, and traded thoughts on what creativity lives within each of our hearts and minds.

Painters, photographers, quilters, collage artist and more displayed their art throughout the back yard.
Mosaic stepping stones led the way through the beautiful herb gardens filled with blooms

Bee balm in delicate lavender

Lavender blooms covered with small honey bees.

Pink Bee Balm catching the last rays of the sun

and sea holly bristling above them all.

A small birdbath Cindi created complete with diving platform.

Molly getting in on the fun!

Cindi's painting of her husband and Molly enjoying a quiet moment in a canoe.

The culinary artists did not disappoint. Who could choose just one of these gorgeous desserts!

A summertime quilt waving softly in the evening breeze.

Dinner was amazing and delicious with everyone bringing a bit of their favorite foods for everyone to share.

Everyone brought a chair, good conversation, a sense of humor and room for seconds and dessert. After cleaning our plates, it was time to settle in to listen to the music.

Lee on his saxophone.

The crowd relaxes and tap their feet with the beat.

Jack Stom singing and Lori Stom on the guitar.

Cindy Compton played the Irish fiddle.

Debra Purcell led us in song.

Nancy Sopwith treated us to her poetry.

Cindy and Lee enjoying a moment of calm.

Jerry Grusell singing along to his guitar.

Greg Kelsey on sax, Frank Palmer on percussion and Lori Stom on keyboard creating some mean jazz.

But like all good things, the evening came to a close. But not before the candles were lit and we all sang songs of America together, running the gamut of America the Beautiful to the Star Spangled Banner to This Land is My Land. Although not vocally, we certainly ended the evening in a harmony of spirit and heart. Already looking forward to next year, Cindi!! Thanks for the gift of bringing our creative spirits together!!!


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful idea and a glorious event!!! I would not have missed it had I had the opportunity!!! Good for you for getting there!!! What a fabulous event, everyone outdid themselves!!! thank you so much for inviting us along!!!!

Cindi V. Walton said...

Next year maybe the theme should be "I went to a garden party..." Thanks, Jan.

Tory Brokenshire said...

Your photos and storytelling transported me to the party. Lucky you what a wonderful day.