Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jen's Necklace and a New Bit of Art

Just a short posting before I move on to popular request I am posting the original Jen Crossley necklace I purchased from her in Australia. Isn't it a beauty? Loved the etched metal and little window and was touched by her choice of "friend" for the house "password". Thanks so much Jen!!

And my latest "Dolls for Big Girls" creation using artist Judy Wise's techniques. This little pony is about to be shipped off on a voyage to a new home!!

I'm still struggling to find a balance between a full time job, teaching and creating art. Art is where I want to be, but, at the same time, the mortgage has to be paid, health care is a necessity and the recession has not been kind to artists. I envy those who have the time to fill their spare hours with art, but as I grow older I find that I have less and less energy and I can no longer burn the candle at both ends without serious consequences to my health. This year has been tumultuous and I need some down time to ponder on where life will lead me next. So many things left to do in my bucket list....I can feel the wind of change coming along and am ready to furl my wings and let it take me to my next adventure....Thanks to all of you who come back to visit despite the gaps in my posts. I appreciate your emails and comments more than you know.


Eva said...

Yep ... Jen's necklace is just stunning ... you are fortunate to have it and we (Australia) are fortunate to have such a talented Artist ... she's such a lovely person too!

And Jan ... you too are just an amazing! Talented and ever so humble ... a beautiful soul as well.

As for the 'Big Girl Doll' on a horse ... amazing! Such a lot of work - but worth the end result ... fabulous! Lucky recipient!!!


Svetlana said...

I agree with Eva. Jen is such a great artist, great character and fun to be around. The Big Girl Doll is stunning. I love reading your thoughts on your blog, sometimes I have feeling you've read my soul. Is that what people call Soul mates? Huggs, Svetlana

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Jan I love your Big girl Doll is just wonderful.Thank you for your kind words about my work I feel very humbled by them.You have been such an inspiration to me and my art work.You are the gentless soul I have ever met and Im just so thankful I got to meet you down under,and count the days to you return.

Bevlea said...

Jan... your big girl doll is amazing...even more so because it now has pride of place on my studio cabinet.... am overwhelmed that you made it and sent it to me...thankyou from the bottom of my heart!