Thursday, March 04, 2010

A New Found App

I love my iPhone. I resisted buying one for the longest time, thinking I am already too hooked up to the network and needed time away from the world...places I could go and not be found by anyone but myself and the warm wrap of nature on a sunny spring day. But eventually I caved in, encouraged by friends who did not hesitate to endorse this small wonder.

While there are dozens of reasons I consider this one of my best purchases, the one use I did not feel would be beneficial was the camera option. After all, I have been a photographer since winning an award in high school left me hooked and have a digital SLR with all the bells and whistles - what would I use a camera phone for other than to record the sometimes unexpected.
Then I discovered the world of apps - photography apps - apps that will turn out photos that resemble my Holga's odd toy camera photos, act as a "flash" without flashing, crop and even a mini Photoshop app. Who could resist? But a couple of days ago, I discovered the Hipstamatic app and I am in love. I have been snapping shots of everything, seeing what this app will produce as a finished product. Each photo is squared, framed and treated to a retro toy camera effect and each photo is a bit different than the photo before. I've just started exploring, but thought I would share these first attempts.

At long last, March 1....although there will be a few more frosts and a lot more rain, the winter draws to a close for me when March arrives. The trees are alive with the song of birds...they celebrate too. The willows are fuzzy with buds and the frogs serenade the night. And in the air, the unmistakable scent of new life. The leaves are peeking out of winter set buds and fruit trees curtsy and sway, dressed in the softest of pink and white lace flowers. And the geese fly north. Change flies to us on small feathered wings of a new season.

But first, I will travel across the ocean and visit a bit of fall in Australia. Seven days and counting...I know an amazing adventure is in store for me. New friends to be made, art to be shared, memories to record. This is a dream come teach art classes in a corner of the world I've have always wanted to visit and explore. Thank you, Judy...I am grateful beyond words.


Anonymous said...

Your talking me into that iphone! neat photo effects. Safe journeys to Aussie...can't wait to hear about it.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Your photos look just great, Jan! I don't have an iphone but downloaded the camerabag app to my PC and am having a bit of fun with it.

I can only imagine how excited you are about leaving for Oz. We will be thinking of you and look forward to your return; what tales you'll have to tell!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

WOW... going to Australia... VERY COOL!

CarolCot said...

Great photos Jan. I keep toying with the idea of iphone. Hmmm. Have a great time down under. I'm so glad you are getting to go. Enjoy!

Toni said...

Love the apps! Wish my iPod touch had the camera.

Australia!!!! I can only dream. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your travels.

purple bird art said...

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! I hope to post from Australia while I am there, so stay tuned for my travels!