Friday, February 19, 2010

Lifting the Blanket of Winter

The long winter is finally lifting and there are signs of life everywhere. Though February is traditionally a month of rain, fog and chilly evenings by the fire, this year we are being treated to an early spring. It began with the geese, migrating in large numbers through the grey foggy skies, almost as if they were pulling aside the shroud of winter to allow a glimpse of the coming spring. And then the songbirds lifted their voices to join the haunting calls of the geese, resulting in a spring symphony going in full chorus, just outside my door. Finches, sparrows, chickadees, juncos, jays and crows all singing a celebration that winter is leaving early this year. The fruit trees are heavy with blossom (tempting Mother Nature to send one last frost to remind them not to get ahead of themselves) and I saw one cherry tree in full bloom....and did I say it's still February? But you can feel it in your bones as your blood picks up the pace and your eyes drift towards the blue sky outside the window and you want to dance for joy that you have survived yet another rainy season. I sat with my journal and recorded my thoughts. This has been a dark winter for me and I, for one, will truly celebrate the coming of spring.

I have been remiss in posting my newest face, but I am rushing around, busily packing for Art and Soul, Las Vegas, where I will be teaching in Judy Wise's place. Unfortunately, she had to cancel her travel at the last moment, due to sudden health problems (hope you are feeling better soon, Judy!!). Pretty big shoes to fill, but I will do my best and throw in some of my own techniques, as well. This face is done entirely with the use of scrapbooking paper except for the color of the little bird, feet, which was photoshop'd. I am loving the creation of faces and hands, and the exploration of alternate mediums.


Cindi V. Walton said...

How do you do it?! Incredible art every time. I am so touched by "Lifting the blanket of winter." Happy Spring to you and enjoy the warm temps in Las Vegas!

Unknown said...

Love your sketchbook page and your expression of lifting the blanket of winter. I envy you getting an early Spring. How wonderful. Love the face also and good luck at Art & soul. One of these days I am going to try going.

Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Have a great time in Las Vegas, Jan. Your paper collage face feels like Spring, too.