Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Return to the Sea

What is it about the sea, especially one as dark and brooding as this, that steals the darkness and melancholy from our souls and leaves us in peace with a calm heart and clear mind? The ocean has always been magic for me, so I leapt at the opportunity to spend the weekend with good friends creating new art, walking the beach and doing a bit of writing on the side.

Mother Nature, too, was busy at creating her art. This bright bit of color in an otherwise dark gray day, was laying in the sand after being washed up by the tide and yet, it appears to be a found art collage of flotsam and jetsam crafted by a careful hand.

Or the abstract reflections of clouds and sea on the sand with the small calligraphic marks left by sea pebbles. Seems to be too perfect to have been created by happenchance. Everywhere I looked there was beauty and to walk in beauty, in Navajo tradition, is to have a balanced soul. The weekend ended in rain that appeared to wash the world clean of the remaining whispers of winter to make way for Spring. The daffodils nodded in agreement as they danced to the rhythm of the wind.


tory said...

Lovely Jan, I really enjoyed your writing with the music background very very nice and the visual of the photos, I felt your mood as I read, thanks

Mary lin Huskamp said...

Beautiful pics and you simply MUST use the fibers in a piece of work. What better artist than Mother Nature?!

Judy Wise said...

Beautiful photographs - your blog has a restful, lovely feel. I've put you on my bloglines so I can get to know you better. xo