Thursday, May 11, 2006

A New Challenge

Well, here's to another step forward in establishing myself as an individual and artist. I have come a long way in my art over the last year. Pieces in gallery shows, being published, selling art. I've revisted all of the arts that I have loved and participated in over the last 30 years and am now focused on the production of original jewelry pieces crafted from silver, brass, copper and found object art. Now the hard part. Gearing up to create enough pieces to begin selling in shows. I want to get my ideas together and post pieces in hopes that I might get a little feedback from other artists and crafters just getting into sales. Do you create one of a kind items or mass produce? How do you keep from being bored by producing the same piece many times? How do you balance your life to avoid stressing over deadlines? And if no one answers my questions, well at least I got it out of my brain and on to paper where I can begin to answer them one by one.


Ger O'Rourke said...

Hi Jan, I'm a total novice to art so I'm not perhaps the best person to answer your questions - but hey that never stopped me!

Actually I think you answered your main question yourself in your fourth sentence in the blog...yeah go back and read it!

From talking to artists they often say they spread themselves too thinly trying to satisfy every possible avenue to a sale and end up totally stressed and dissatisfied, ending up like a headless chicken.

You may already know the location and date for the show you would like to exhibit at next- so maybe give yourself plenty of leadtime and focus on just that show for the time being. Is there anything planned for the Christmas market, New Year, Spring?

I had a look at your slide show and think your work is beautiful.
It strikes me that it has all-year-round appeal. 'Madonna' for instance is a piece that would be good for a Christmas market, mother's day, birth of a child etc., etc...

Original v mass produced? Unless an artist has a team of people working on pieces s/he couldn't keep up production targets.

Boredom factor? Is it possible to make limited editions of certain pieces? Also is it possible to make pieces in different styles, for example with Madonna could it be in a pendant style or maybe a broache/pin style.... this might keep you from being bored with doing too many of the one piece and would also give your clients choice in how to wear the jewellery.

Before I loose the run of myself I'd better stop. I hope some of this helps. All the best, ger x

Anonymous said...

Jan! Good to see you've posted again. I love the gourd. Congratulations on the Art and Soul classes.